Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hostas, a natural for a quilt

As I wrote yesterday, I saw a large bed of hostas, of various varieties. at Heritage Plantation. I'm sure quilters who also garden -- and from the blogs I read, there are many of them -- have surely seen the possibilities of making large -- actually, simply life size, hosta leaves on quilts and then quilt them along their natural vein lines. Since hostas have many varieties I'm sure a lot of possiblities will come to mind.

I have just discovered a new blog that I recommend,lby Diane Yates who is a crafter, quilter, and now elder blogger of my vintage. I suggest checking it out. One day soon when I am feeling more technological than I am this afternoon, I will add it to my side bar along with two or three others that I have recently begun looking following. If I were really technologically ambitious I would try to find out how Helen Conway of Down the Well does her side bar with always updated photos from the blogs she follows. I love that but I think my brain will probably not wrap around the steps to do it. At the moment I'm stymied by some online banking steps and that is supposed to be really, super easy. My philosophy is that there are some things we just don't have to master -- for me it is dying my own fabric for quilting and the subtler points of the blog set up.

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