Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Not Gone in Spirit

I have been gone because my computer has been in the shop -- it's screen started going black intermittently. I've often not purchased extended warranty contracts for mechanical things but in this case I did and I'm glad. All seems to be well and I've found a friendly Mac store very close by. I might learn how to make an actual web site in the next few months.

In the meantime I've had a birthday and received, mostly coincidentally, some lovely gifts from my Swap-bot friends [and other lovely gifts from family]. The picture above was a gift that arrived the day before my birthday but I didn't actually find it at my door until the morning of THE day so there was all those lovely fat quarters -- all have wonderful touches of metallic which I love. Plus a big handful of selvages which couldn't have been more timely as I had just started another selvage quilt -- photo in a day or two. Plus there's a box of flower headed pins which are so great for some quilting projects.

It was a lovely day that included my youngest grandson's graduation. The only negative of the day was that the tent under which the graduation was to take place had accidentally been taken down the evening before so tubes of sunscreen were passed around to those gathered on the green of a park beside Hyannis bay. I used sunscreen liberally on exposed neck and shoulders but still got a lot of red. Felt sorrier for a few bald guys, they must be suffering these days.

While without a computer I used Rachel's a couple times just to check messages. But I decided to use the time to forge ahead with my list of quilts to make to use up stash -- so I sewed a lot. Perhaps the sun will come out tomorrow -- after a brilliant appearance Sunday the sun let the clouds take over. I hope to get some photos tomorrow.

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