Saturday, January 18, 2014

Impulse quilting

Often the most enjoyable quilting for me is impulse quilting -- not very different from impulse shopping, except quilting is a commitment to more time because it's rarely a quicky quilt -- as in 3 or 4 hours -- more like my free time for at least a week.

This is a paper pieced quilt, most people could guess that.  There are 80 pieces in each of the whirligigs.  I"m calling it "A Slice of Lime" since that little bit of lime works well in all the colors.

The impulse arose simply.  I decided to straighten my sewing room -- generally a mistake. Maybe not mistake but doomed to failure impulse. As I was straightening a pile of how-to books, a  paper piecing book I had not seen for several months begged to be noticed. This particular design looked both interesting and easy, maybe even on the quick side.  he blocks are 12x12, so the quilt, including the one inch green binding border is 100 inches perimeter.  It could have been my guild's show challenge--- if I had used the blue fabric that is a requirement in the blue block. But I didn't think of that quickly enough.

I'm very fond on serendipity and of impassivity.  I don't like to get involved in very, very time consuming quilt projects and lately enjoy making little wall quilts most of all.  So this was relatively quick, easy and I like the colors.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Four BOMs for January

This months' BOM for the Bayberry guild is so easy I made four blocks. In fact, since one simply cuts out a 12-1/2 inch square of black and then sews together strips to make a 12-1/2 square, two can be made quickly.  With the squares right sides together cut then on the diagonal and then sew the diagonal together  -- there's ironing involved of course.  After making the first pair I quickly made a scond pair.  And then lay them on the floor in two different layouts.  (They aren't sewn together, of course.)

I've seen this called Roman Stripe. One could make quite a dramatic quilt very, very quickly and use up a lot of scrap strips. 

As usual I must complain that I can't seem to get true color with this camera.  The black really IS black. I imagine many blocks will be brought to the Bayberry meeting later this month. No two alike -also something I like a lot about scrap quilting.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Finished, Black and White and Red and ...

I  finished this quilt yesterday although I admit I didn't make most of it.  There are16 12-inch squares most of which came to me in block swaps.  I was in two long running monthly swaps, one for black and white squares and one or black-white-red squares.  Wonderful how people came up with so many different patterns, some new to me.  A bit of yellow sneaked in there and I like it. 

When I went through my closet I saw that I've got enough additional 12-inch squares to make another quilt like (and of course not like) this.  I'll do that.  But not just now.  This will be put away for the next charity call my quilt guild has -- the last one was Hurricane Sandy (not counting the block call after the Boston Marathon bombing).  Perhaps I'll have a second similar quilt done before there is another serious need.