Monday, August 20, 2018

New quilt

I put pictures of quilts I'd like to make "some day" on my design wall. This one was there a couple of years but I truly enjoy black&white &red quilts. Finally last spring I made a pattern for paper piecing this quilt. I only needed a pattern for one quarter of the various squares. But I truly needed it rather than cutting the fabrics just right. I know myself and would have done a sloppy job.  This way not all the points are exact but they are much better than I would have achieved any other way.

My stash of black &white prints is sizable so it was fun to pick out which ones I wanted to use. Finally I found a use for the remnant of red&white fabric I've liked very much but hadn't found a way to use -- it is about half the back along with a B&W print, as the turned back corner shows. Happily I had enough of the remnant to use as a binding. The quilt is very simple. When summer is over this quilt will take a place on the back of my beige sofa and, when I sit at read at night, it will replace a red knitted throw that has lived a useful life as something to keep legs and toes warm while I read.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Quiilt Show Time Again

The Bayberry Quilt Guild's annual show starts today. A three-day show with over 300 quilts --great variety from traditional (and some antique ones) to contemporary, modern and art quilts. Many venders. For a change, it is in the sprawling high school building less than a mile away from where I live. I'm eager to see the show. This year's theme is "Four Seasons". I am scheduled for a volunteer job at 1:30 which is perfect, because I can get there around noon and have time to look at the show and perhaps even time to visit at the venders.

I am displaying only one quilt "solo" as it were, a four seasons quilt of which I do no have a photo yet. I may take one of it hanging if the light is good. The photo here is the display of our art quilt group within Bayberry, Uncommon Threads. We are only five and this is a display of our "maps" challenge. Clearly we are very individual. Mine is the Indiana map. The state is woven of 1/2 inch strips to suggest the grid on which the entire state was surveyed before statehood. If you click on the picture it will enlarge but still the rickrack on the map that marks the interstate highways is hard to see. There's a big felt button in the center for Indianapolis, and in the lower section is USrte. 50, a tiny button is approxiamtely where I was born and raised.

The group does a themed challenge every month (except for summer hiatus) The others think much more impressionistically than I do. Each has her own style. We learn from one another. I enjoy having to stretch my imagination.