Saturday, June 16, 2018

Forgotten quilt -- Surprise!

 These two quilts are actually one quilt -- it should be called "Surprise". I had actually forgotten all about it until I began looking through my quilts today because it had been suggested I give one to a woman I've known since she was born (she's the age of my oldest daugter). I have seen her very rarely in the last 25 or so years. But she and my daughters (both of them) will be visiting tomorrow.

I am happy when I'm told someone might like to have one of my quilts -- I have far too many and am happy to give them away to appreciative recipients. I take for granted she will be appreciative. When going through the particular comforter bag this was in, I found another two sided quilt.  I really should do that  more often. It's  a way of using up my large stash and  it's fun to make them.

 I plan to finish another  quilt tomorrow that could well have been treated this way but I didn't think of it. But probably I will think of a design to use later on in the summer and do another two-sided one. What fun!  In fact I'm working on a quilt made of squares right now that could lend itself to such treatment.