Saturday, February 16, 2019

Sunflower Quilt Done

This very large sunflower quilt hangs on the wall facing the slider door to my patio so that usually it's the first thing one sees on entering. A cheerful, bright welcome on the gray days of winter.  (Although, so far this has been a winter with a lot of sunshine and almost no snow. -- we hold our breath and wait for when it will come.) The design was inspired when I was sent a note with this as the design.  I immediately saw it as a possibly way to use up many of my buttons.  Three are over 300 hand-sewn buttons on this quilt. It's about 40x38.

Having finished the work on the anthology for the Academy for Lifelong Learning, I have some time to finish projects (like the previous post here below). And this week-end, President's Day, gives me three days to get my sewing room/studio in good shape, which I've been doing.  I have another long-time quilt top waiting to be quilted. I sandwiched it today, will do the actual sewing the next two day. And I'll take some time out from that job to make a small abstract little quilt for Uncommon Threads whih will meet Thursday.

Meanwhile I've done a lot of straigtening rearranging and the room actually looks fairly neat.  Needless to say, I have a various of other projects in mind.  The list grows as I think about it. When I'll have time... I'll see.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Finally time to finish UFOs

This is an incomplete and not very good photo of a  bed-size quilt I was finally able to finish today (border and binding). I put it on my bed and will sleep under it tonight as I usually do when I've just completed a bed-size quilt. The block pattern has a name but I've forgotten it. This was  swap (from a Swap-bot) quilting group. I liked the easy way one could cut up a four-square block and make it much more complex looking.

About 1/3rd of the blocks were sent to me in the swap. I usually made one or two additional ones (beyond the one I was to send my partner). The various colors were a stipulation of the swap directions.  I've forgotten which blocks I made and which were made by others.  I'm pleased with the relative simplicity that looks far more complex to make than it was.

I have been so busy with editing the anthology, Reflections, for the Academy for Lifelong Learning that I have not worked on large quilts for months. We had a well attended launch party yesterday and I am now finished with that project for several months. I have another bed-sized quilt top made which needs batting, backing, quilting and binding. I will begin that job on Saturday and hope to finish it (maybe?) next week .... I'm aware that almost everything about quilting takes longer than expected.

Meanwhile I have made an art quilt that is larger than expected. I'll write about it, with photo, maybe tomorrow, more likely over the weekend.