Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Marilyn Belfod

The amazing Marilyn Belford was the speaker at the May Bayberry Quilter's guild last week.  This is perhaps her most famous quilt which has been in many shows, won many awards and been in many publications.  As you see it is being carried around the room as she talked about her very demanding methods using computer and a variety very, very careful cuttings, plus choosing the exactly perfect fabrics -- all commercial cottons.

She also brought quilts of her family members and a few of the mythological ones that have lately stunned quilt show audiences.  I saw her Medea driving a chariot at a New Jersey show a few years ago -- what energy and righteous fury she caught in the quilt!  There were quieter ones, such as either Eurydice or Persephone (I forget which).  She gave an intense workshop I thought of taking but finally I knew it would be extremely frustrating because I know that I lack first of all the skill but just as importantly the patience. I like portrait quilts and I think she is the supreme realist.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finished quilt

Being a bit redundant, or seeming to--this is the final version of my augmented color wash quilt.  Several flowers and quite a few butterflies have been fused to the quilted surface.  I'm not sure the results are worth the time the whole quilt consumed, but then it wasn't all my time.  We had one constantly rainy day while Leslie was visiting when she did the fancy cutting of the flowers and butterflies.  I will probably hang it in my bathroom.  Flowery gardens with butterflies are a little saccharine for my taste in general.  The thing is, I get an idea from some picture in a book or magazine and have to find out if I can do something similar.  It's a self-challenge.  Not a bad thing.  I learn what I enjoy and extend some of my abilities.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Flock

Leslie, on her 50th birthday, was "flocked".  The flock are seen here surrounding her. They visited all day long, having arrived in the early dark of the night before and leaving about the same time the next night. She tickled pink about it.  She lives in California and knew nothing about this local custom.  

The local high school's music department has for some time had this fund raiser.  They own an unknown number of pink plastic flamingos and will plant them in front yards on request.  The price is fairly modest, in some cases the arrangement is that someone orders a home "flocked" and the flocked person has to pay to have them removed. My younger daughter and I made the arrangements.  Leslie had never heard of the local custom, we had occasionally passed homes that had been flocked and smiled. 

Of course they caused smiles and chats among the people who live in the apartment complex. One woman who was unfamiliar with the flocking idea wondered if I were selling them.  It was fun for all of us.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Almost done

This is a color wash pieced quilt that I've been slowly working on.  In one of the books I have about color wash quilts there is a garden scene similar to this. It has appliqued additional flowers all over the bottom so I thought I'd try extra flowers and butterflies.  Mine are only pinned in place right now.  I think there will be more butterflies and maybe more flowers.  I'm contemplating what to do -- that's the purpose of a design wall, right?

Monday, May 07, 2012

Ironic photo

As I was leaving the disappointing lecture that I wrote about a week ago, a reporter from a local paper took my photograph and name.  No one else had even asked my name although people were distantly polite to me and one nice lady at the table where I sat chatted with me about local history.  However I think it very ironic that the weekend edition of the paper made me the cover girl for the article about the event.  Here I am in my quilted jacket like an advertisement for the whole thing.  Was it the Jabberwock that "chortled"?  Well, when I saw this that's what I did.  I'm even relatively happy with the photo and it's been a long time since I've really liked having my picture taken.