Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Marilyn Belfod

The amazing Marilyn Belford was the speaker at the May Bayberry Quilter's guild last week.  This is perhaps her most famous quilt which has been in many shows, won many awards and been in many publications.  As you see it is being carried around the room as she talked about her very demanding methods using computer and a variety very, very careful cuttings, plus choosing the exactly perfect fabrics -- all commercial cottons.

She also brought quilts of her family members and a few of the mythological ones that have lately stunned quilt show audiences.  I saw her Medea driving a chariot at a New Jersey show a few years ago -- what energy and righteous fury she caught in the quilt!  There were quieter ones, such as either Eurydice or Persephone (I forget which).  She gave an intense workshop I thought of taking but finally I knew it would be extremely frustrating because I know that I lack first of all the skill but just as importantly the patience. I like portrait quilts and I think she is the supreme realist.

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zippiknits said...

Amazing work. Really love to look at all the quilts that are made in this manner, but she is the supreme master of the technique.