Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finished quilt

Being a bit redundant, or seeming to--this is the final version of my augmented color wash quilt.  Several flowers and quite a few butterflies have been fused to the quilted surface.  I'm not sure the results are worth the time the whole quilt consumed, but then it wasn't all my time.  We had one constantly rainy day while Leslie was visiting when she did the fancy cutting of the flowers and butterflies.  I will probably hang it in my bathroom.  Flowery gardens with butterflies are a little saccharine for my taste in general.  The thing is, I get an idea from some picture in a book or magazine and have to find out if I can do something similar.  It's a self-challenge.  Not a bad thing.  I learn what I enjoy and extend some of my abilities.


Sunflowers and Glass Towers said...

Hi June, I absolutely love your new coloful quilt you just finished, especially the little butterflies appliqued into the quilt. You must have a lot of patience to sew all those nice little quilt patches together. Is the flower garden in front a real flower garden foreground or is it actually all those flowers appliqued onto your quilt. Lovely. I have always wanted to learn how to quilt, but first thing I would have to do is buy a Singer sewing machine. Did you hand sew all the patches together? I have been crocheting afghans and doilies since 2002 and it is a relaxing, mind-calming, simple pleasure for me. I make my own designs now, like granny patches and shells and different colors crocheted in with rainbow colors of peach, cream, sky blue, pink, yellow, lavender. It's fun and I have crocheted afghans for my daughter, and my 3 sisters. Quilting takes extra talent, I think, abstract diagonals and triangles etc., too abstract for my mind. I just do simple crochet blogs, but love to look at quilt designs by talented, wonderful quilters such as yourself. Have a nice quilting day!
Kindest regards,
Tucson, Arizona

June Calender said...

Thanks for stopping and commenting, Nanette. To answer your questions: I sew entirely by machine and I do not hand applique but fuse things like the butterflies and many of the flowers. The entire background is 2 inch squares that were sewn onto a marked foundation, the technique is called "color wash". Then I added quite a few extra flowers and the butterflies; the additions were cut out of other fabrics. It proved to be more work than I enjoyed and I'll not use this technique again.

Your crocheting sounds lovely and challenging to me since I cannot crochet or knit -- in a way you are putting squares together as I did for this quilt and I think it takes at least an equal amount of skill, perhaps more.

zippiknits said...

It's very beautiful, nonetheless.

At a quilt show in Santa Clara one year, I saw what was a rough edge quilting of water birds with some sheer overlays. It opened my eyes to a whole new world of quilting - very artistic. I think of color wash this way, too. Yours is lovely.

June Calender said...

Thanks, Zippiknits. Going to quilt shows is always a great inspiration to me. People have so many good ideas I'd never think of if I didn't see them.