Monday, January 01, 2018

New Year 2018!!!

How amazing!  When I was a kid I thought that living to 2000 would be an astonishment.  But here I am at 2018 and going strong. Making quilts, writing poetry and prose, teaching writing, living in a place I never imagined I'd be with totally unimaginable amounts of family nearby and a community of like-mined friends, many associated with continuing education, many associated with quilting and quite few simply people I know and enjoy.

The quilt I have just posted in the header is one I finished last spring after spending much time during the winter tying it rather than quilting. I had not tied a quilt in many, many years but this one is such a simple, old fashioned sort of  simple design I thought it needed to be tied.  I made it the easy modern way, the strips that were sewn together, cut up, resewn -- but never did I sew those two-inch sequares one by one. I like the quilt a lot. And for this winter, and as long as it will take because I will not work on it regularly, I am making another of 1 inch squares by the same method. This simplest of designs appeals to me just as the complex and challenging paper-piece quilts do.

I have been remiss in not writing this blog for some time, I will become more attentive and so I won't write a great deal now. I  have quite a few quilts to write about ... and I  must begin a new one today or tomorrow for the Uncommon Threads art quilts group. More anon.