Monday, May 20, 2013

Another BOM - Attic Windows

This Attic Window block -- times two -- is super easy and super fast -- except for some reason I find it hard to get the corner block exactly in place.  Doing a corner block, as can be seen here eliminates mitering at the corner.  It makes sense and is easy enough.  But I've made many attic window quilts and  have devised my own method of mitering that works well.  I won't try to explain which is why I used this sneaky little trick for the BOM for the Bayberry Quilter's Guild.  

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

I've found that auto-timed photos seldom work, although in my experience they work a little better than asking a waitress to take a photo. However, in this case, that old gold colored background is a disaster that, of course, we didn't realize. Plus the focus is not sharp.  Plus I now have a serious intellectual dilemma -- I feel like a much too serious elder generation with my current hairdo  and am a bit jealous of my lovely daughter and granddaughter -- while bursting with pride that they are both, certainly to me, stunning and wonderful.

Anyway we had an afternoon tea together (that martini glass holds a concoction called a Tea-tini). Baby Stella is not in the photo because she was sleeping so peacefully in her carseat-carrier at her mother's feet that we didn't want to wake her. It was damp and by the time we left the restaurant actually raining.  Rain again today.  The rain means I don't have to water the two abundant baskets of purple and white petunias that were a mother's day gift. They are hanging on the patio looking like we are in full throes of spring ... I guess we are.

As women very often do we all discussed new hair cuts. Looking at this picture, I will be the first to do it -- tomorrow morning, I think, something shorter and younger looking.  The only one who doesn't want a new hair cut is Stella.  We are all delighted that her hair, scant thought it is (she's 3 and a half months old) is  becoming a chestnut color.