Monday, November 06, 2017

Using an unloved fabric

Our Uncommon Threads group was given a group of hand-dyed fabric. We divided them amicably but one piece was left over: an orange and white piece, we all called it an "ugly". Finally the decision was made to cut it into equal pieces and each of us would use it in something.

As usual most of the others were abstract, showing that a touch of orange could perk up a geometric  design. But I cut  mine into little fish --- in fact I didnt have ehough so added some other orange fabric.  I used of  some of my stash of solid blues plus some grey fabric. The challenge was for our September meting so it seemed logical to be "punny" and call this " Back to school.  I 'm actually kind of happy with the piece. I think orange is one of those colors that grows on you as you get older. I feel the same about both yellow and purple.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Summer Quilt

During my lazy non-blogging summer, I made a number of quilts and didn't even photograph all of them. It's catch-up time.  This is a small quilt on the subject of summer, made in the spring in anticipation of a nice hot summer--which actually didn't happen.

The Uncommon Threads group chose the summer theme for our June meeting.  This is a small piece, about 15 x17.  I think it needs very little explanation, the very hot sun, shedding arrows of heat is the best part with a print orange circle atop the solid orange one. Quilting is very simple. The brown batik at the bottom is probably the best of choices. Actually I like all the fabrics in this quilt and I think the blue looks very much like the water really does look. In fact, authenticity wasn't the point; the general idea was simply stated. It is not brilliant but it says what I was hoping for. I was disappointed; I didn't manage enough early morning beach walks to get a nice tan.