Wednesday, January 16, 2019

New post, new year, new quilts

The picture in the header above is my quilted version of a forest fire. I made it last summer when our Uncommon Threads art quilte group chose the theme "chaos".  To me that's what this quilt says -- it's not beautiful but it's fire-y.

The quilt here in the post is one of three I gave to a member of the Baybery  Quilt Guild when she asked for quilts to be sent to victims of the horrible forest fires in California. Her contact in California said people had nothing and were cold at night sleeping in tents. Obviously it is a simple, very basic quilt of random 3 inch squares set in patches. I very much enjoy using up scraps and found this very easy and satisfying to make.  I'll make another this winter. I like to have two or three extra quilts stashed for just such opportuities to share them with people who truly need them.

I've been very lax about keeping up this blog. I will try to do better this year. Below is a quilt I recently made for the Uncommon Threads challenge to use "unusual materials".

This uses real money that I have from various trips to various countries, both paper money and coins; th(which is about 15x18 is Money/Men -- making what I think is an obvious political statement. (I do not mean for Trump's face to be obscure, the particular photo I used did not transfer well. Although, to make a personal statement, I do not enjoy looking at his face and am not sorry it's not clear.