Friday, June 26, 2009

Cape Cod Art Museum

The sun finally shone all day yeserday! Hurray! R. and I went to see a show at the Cape Cod Art Museum [see my Big 7-0 blog] which was a lovely place. This charming lily pond with ceramic castle greeted us in the front garden. The potter is, says R., known for the castles. This one certainly was charming. The gardens all around the museum, obviously, once a private home, were beautifully kept and lush from all the wet weather -- moss was trying to take over the brick walk ways and invading marble benches.

I wrote about the show we went to see, as I note above, but was so charmed by the place that I had to post this castle. Inside were two sizable gallery rooms and a small room with bright red walls against which some beach landscapes with much pink and orange held their own. Downstairs were paintings and objects apparently from a permanent collection. And on an enclosed porch was a sculpture gallery shadowed by the trees outside, but I had to try to take a picture of this wooden lady called "Pushing 40" -- we both remarked that she seem to be shrinking from 40 as hard as she could -- it was very expressive.

The museum is in the town of Dennis which has the mid-cape's major playhouse and an art movie theatre. Nearby are a couple of very pleasant restanrants, at one of which the museum entrance sticker gave us 10% discount. The man behind the counter was very cheery, the sandwiches were good, especially eaten on a picnic table outside in the sun in which we were happily basking.

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