Friday, June 12, 2009

Beautiful Textiles

This beautiful scarf, made by Stephanie Panasci, was a birthday present from Rachel who also appreciates lovely textiles. I Googled Stephanie and found only that she works for the Christmas Tree Shop --an off-price store that I love to shop but not the kind of place that carries art textiles. [click the photo and enlarge it to see the intricate work, and this is only a little of the the scarf]. And that is certainly no where Rachel found this scarf.

I've read in Quilting Arts and Fiber Arts Magazines about methods of making fabrics using a variety of beautiful yarns, threads, ribbons, Angelina fiber and such -- this one includes sequins - but I've always wondered, why? Why gather all those things, which can be expensive, and then make a brand new textile? Now I know the answer -- because you can make something beautiful. What more answer is needed?

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