Saturday, June 20, 2009

Top Done

This is the quilt I've been calling the "'30s vintage chain design." The squares are all done and together with, as one can see, reds making the horizontal chains and a mixture of other colored scraps the vertical chains. [Reds are also scraps but fairly close to the same shade of red]. I was delighted to have only a little of the tone-on-one ecru background left over. In fact I wish I had a bit more to add about a 3 inch border. But there isn't enough. Part of the idea is stash busting so I'll us a stash fabric for the back as well.

This was paper pieced. I managed to remove about half the papers today before I got bored with the chore. So I'll have to finish that and then set it aside because I've got two other quilts ready to be quilted that I will do first. Quilting is my least favorite part. I know it's become a major design part lately but not by me. My sewing machine is too old to do fancy quilting and I'm too stingy to send not very important quilts out to long arm quilters. This will simply follow the design. But it's good to have it done. Each square took nearly a half hour to sew and there are 42 squares so that's 21 hours -- probably more because I had spells of going through the stash for scraps I wanted to use. Before the summer is over I will make another of the same design but in a different color choice because I want to give two to a charity in the fall.


Evelyn said...

I love this top, June! I'm looking forward to seeing a full shot when it's all done, so I can really check out the design better. Very inspiring!

AwtemNymf said...

That's a beautiful top June! I love it! :O)