Saturday, May 30, 2009

Heritage Planation, Sandwich, MA

A break from quilting to enjoy the glory of late spring, just before summer arrives. Rachel and I spent part of the afternoon at Heritage Plantation, a botanical garden in Sandwich, about 20 minutes away. The great concentration of this garden is a small forest ofrhododendruns and azelas although there are many other flowers that make other seasons magnificent also. Above a display o color that only hints at what boquets were at every turn of the meandering paths.

One of the first sights is the dramatic windmill with huge beds of hostas of many varietes planted in front. The bright blue sky had just the right amount of fat clouds;the temperature was just perfect although it was a little humid. Paths wind in and out, many of the bushes have plaques with varietal names, some trees do too. We were especially delighted with a Japanese umbrella pine with soft needles that spilled gracefully like umbrellas.

This was probably the peak of the glory for the rhonies, some had dropped petals so that the ground beneath was carpeted in color as in this picture. The planners put nice benches in scenic spots, there was also a lake with forested walks beside it and there are other points of interest like a herb garden, a museum, a carousel for children, of course a snack tent and a gift shop. Many plants were for sell also. We had a very beautiful slow, meandering walk and delicious ice cream cones to finish.

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