Thursday, May 07, 2009

Three Dimensional Construction

This is the kind of of furniture that comes in a flat box with minimal instructions and a package of screws and washers. But it was a very good price and I like the design. I decided that if I can figure out a complex Carol Doak paper pieced star quilt pattern with 106 pieces per star, surely I could put the legs on a table and figure out the slightly more complex chairs. Okay, so I put together the first chair using the wrong end of the Allen wrench -- it worked, but it was harder than when I had corrected my mistake.

This is what I've done and the two on the floor are now together. The whole thing sits in it's private alcove with a new-to-me and "I did it all by myself" satisfied glow. The still unwilted flowers sit in the center -- somewhat cut back from their original state, true -- that my granddaughter gave me as a welcoming gift some ten days ago. Never, never derogate carnations. They're pretty and they last, especially with that magic powder florists dole out in little packages.

Satisfactions are setting in although I've been looking at gray skys this entire week. Tomorrow sun is promised and on through the weekend. How nice that would be. But meanwhile I've had the pleasure of watching one of the 3 or 4 Canadian geese who frequent the lawn to graze or something just gaze as if in profound meditation on the meaning of goose-ness. And then a little chipmunk dashed across my patio. Pleasures never known in the city.


Helen Conway said...

love the rug! Very quilty.

June Calender said...

The rug is one of two which I purchased not because they are quilty [tho' they are] but because they are much like the hand woven aprons married Tibetan women all wear -- I suspect that was the inspiration for the rugs.