Friday, May 08, 2009

A real sewing room

A dream come true -- a sewing room. By no means in perfect order so far but the space is there. Here's my machine which is in front of a window so I will now have good light to see true colors. And I'll have good light for photographs! Which will be the litmus test. Have I been printing lousy photos because of bad light or because I'm a bad photographer? We will see in the near future. As can be seen there is a work/design table and above it a blank wall that will get a large swath of flannel or fleece in white and become a design wall because the table really isn't big enough beyond wall size quilts.

There is a bed that doubles as a sofa. The room will become a guest room when I have a guest but much more of the time it will be a sewing room.

This closet closes nicely to hide the stash which so far is not very well sorted but at least has a place and can all be seen at once. The closet even has, to the right, several more cubic feet that are unseen in the photo that holds even more of my stash. It will get color sorted in the fullness of time. And I have a bookcase not seen here that holds both quilting books and my large accumulation of photographs from travels -- taken before the acquisition of digital camera and computer on which to keep them.

There's a radio and I'm delighted to have found that the Cape has its own classical music station which is really quite good -- good variety, ads clustered at the hour, announcers who can pronounce names and works correctly. I remember when that wasn't the case but now it's a happy addition to my sewing time. What more cold one want?


Nellie's Needles said...

Your new living quarters look and sound like a good change. Glad to hear you'll finally have a design wall. May I suggest a gray covering instead of white if you haven't already purchased it? I have white, but wish it were a neutral gray instead.

June Calender said...

Thanks, Nellie. Some part of me was wondering if something more beige-y would be good. I'll look for a light gray, I don't foresee getting it for a bit.

Stephanie D. said...

Sounds wonderful! Don't you just love organizing a new place to sew? So many possibilities.