Thursday, May 28, 2009

Using my Design Wall -- and Floor

I am SO enjoying having a sewing room where I can spread out what I'm working on. I have three quilts in process and I can see all of them using the design wall, the work table under it and the floor. Three's about right -- the little cathedral windows project is in it's own plastic bag and doesn't need to be seen at this point.
On the floor is a batik patchwork that has kind of grown like Topsy or maybe like the Gees Bend quilts only more structured. I've wanted a rich colored batik for my bed for a while. The photo was taken before I got it together with all the borders it now has. It's ready for it's back and batting but it's backing isn't ready for it. I'm using two other batiks but they feel stiff. They have too much finish on them. So I meant to wash them today but haven't gotten around to it. Tomorrow -- ah-ah, yes, manana.
The block quilt, a '59s vintage design that I'm paper piecing and using scraps; I'm giving it rows of mixed reds along with other rows of various scraps. I love to watch such quilts grow. This won't fit on the design wall entirely -- only about half will but that will be okay. I can make sure the pieces blend which I love doing with scraps. It will grow slowly.
Finally the kalidoscope a la Maxine Rosenthal's book. This will be a slower project, I'm just doing hexagoons at this point, only a few at a time and there will be many, many before I"m ready to put them on the design wall and work out a pattern.

How luxurious this feels after so many years of cramped working conditions! I keep getting drawn here instead of doing other things I've promised myself I'll do now that I have time -- like go use the exercise room. Darn -- didn't do that today and it's too gray to entice me to walk. Manana, manana ... manana is good enough for me. Am I the only person who remembers that song?


Stephanie D. said...

Your joy in your new room just makes me smile! I know exactly how you feel, as moving to this house 5 years ago gave me a whole room to use also.

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

I remember that song June :)