Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Finishing a UFO

One of two UFOs I want to finish soon. This b&w "drunkard's path" quilt is only half the size it was going to be because I just hated sewing the quarter circles. It will have as wide a border as the fabric I have will allow. It's going to be reversible to random red squares [see below]. I think it'll take the rest of the week and possible a little longer -- remembering the adage that everything takes longer than you think it's going to.
I've learned my lesson about quarter circles and will stick to things I enjoy more. My next UFO will include a lot of fancy cutting so it will take longer. And I'll be able to move on to a batik fabric quilt I've been thinking of since I purchased some lovely batik pieces at the New Jersey Manusco show I saw in March. I'm trying to find a balance for my time.

I find myself cooking and baking -- a throwback for me -- something I haven't done for years. So long, in fact, that I don't have the necessary things in stock,like butter and milk so I got stopped in my tracks today because I didn't have time to go to the grocery store -- I chose to take my walk in the opposite dirciton and go to the post office with Swap-bot packages. What a beautiful day it was until about 2:00 when it got cloudy and turned chllier. I am so happy to have an east-facing patio. The NYTims talked me into a full subscription -- at rock bottom prices -- so for some months, while the deal lasts, I will be very up on the news -- and it's a pleasure to read it sitting on my lounge chair in the sun. I'm going to lose my modesty very shortly and switch from long pants to shorts so I can get some tan on my legs. Ah -- a very nice life.


Stephanie D. said...

I like the black and white drunkard's path, but I can see how you'd go blind with that!

Sounds like a wonderful time you're having there. Is your sewing room all together now?

June Calender said...

No, Steph, my sewing room still needs the design wall fabric. There's a local Joanne's so I'll get flannel or fleece soon. I spent some time sorting fabrics yesterday -- having been unable to find my stash of batiks the day before. They were there, but I still have some MIAs [missing in action] to locate. It's a sort of fun problem to have.