Sunday, May 03, 2009

Some of the Good Things

Counting some of the good things I've experienced in my first week:
* SO much space of my own, including large closets, new carpeting throughout and newly painted walls.
* A view of sky and green grass. Never mind that the first three days of sun and almost summer heat has given way to gray and occasional drizzle. Such is weather many places.
* A view of Canadian geese gleaning on a big lawn that I don't have to take care of. Plus the occasional crow and various LBBs [little brown/black birds]
* Spring continues being a week later here. This is a town where people love having flowers in their lawns, where traffic triangles are planted with flowers. It's gorgeous.
* I am two blocks from my daughter who is kindly chauffeuring me about since I don't have a car at this point. Plus she has various family plans for us -- we had a movie night last week with a DVD after dinner.
* I can walk to the necessities -- groceries, deli, bank, town center, even the malls if I wish.
* My apartment complex has an exercise room with machines [not all in working order as I mentioned to manager immediately] plus sauna.
* There is also a comfortable library. The books aren't to my taste, but I don't need them. However as a confirmed magazine junkie it offers eye candy and light articles in mostly shelter and women's mags. Plus there's a big used book store on Main Street.
* There is a DVD library and a TV on which to play them -- since I am a confirmed TV-less oddball but do like movies, this is a fine plus.
* The laundry facility is just around the corner.
* I have a dishwasher and disposal -- two items of great rarity in NYC apartments.
* I have an east-facing patio that will be my breakfast space once I get a chair or two and the weather turns summery again.
* Cori, my granddaughter brought me welcoming flowers last week which have been slightly pruned back but still are beautiful and may last yet a week.
* Everyone I've met so far in the building has been warm and friendly. I may even give in and go to Tuesday night bingo -- well, maybe I'll wait for Wednesday morning coffee or Thursday evening sewing group.
* There is an astonishingly large quilt fabric shop a very short walk away -- this is a mixed blessing. Wonderful for selection, dangerous for pocketbook.

What a long list and I haven't mentioned the nearby beaches which are beautiful both on ocean side and bay side -- the Cape is no more than 6 miles wide at any place. And, of course seafood is plentiful.
* I'm sure I could go on and on. As they say in Brooklyn "What's not to love?"

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Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

June, your new place sounds so lovely and so close to everything you need. This is my desire as my next place to live, close and walking distance to everything. I would love to not use the car. How about a bike June?