Thursday, May 14, 2009

Planning Stash Use

The black/white-reverse-to-red quilt in the previous post is coming along nicely, all together and bordered. Now to quilt it. It's not too big, about 45x45 so should be done this week. Hurray -- no more drunkards path blocks in my future. Live and learn.

I read so many blogs I can't remember who it is who belongs to a stash busting group and posts about her use/reduction of her stash. When I find her again I may join the group. Nothing like moving to see the extent of a stash. I want to make a quilt soon of some wonderful batiks I bought at a New Jersey show, something simple that will let the batiks shine without being cut up much. And then ... well, lots of ideas.

I want to do some more paper pieced star quilts designed by Carol Doak and I want to use many of the beautiful fabrics I have with metallic touches -- so I'll make some stars with shine to them. But that's fussy work and I'm feeling like making bed sized quilts to use up some stash. I have a piece of fabric that I purchased quite awhile ago to use in a stack and whack which I'm kind of eager to do another -- I get a totally childish delight in watching the kalaidoscope pattern surprise me. And I just read that the Empire Guild has taken on a project of making 52 single bed size quilts for a shelter for homeless vets. That seems like something I'd like to contribute to, since that's the size bed quilt I find do-able. Maybe make a couple during the summer -- they can certainly be made of stash fabric. And then there's a collection of quilt patterns I've saved for "whenever" -- patterns that intrigue me. And I've never done a pineapple log cabin and have been feeling I want to do that.

This is all a kind of day dreaming -- a delicious period of letting my mind play over the fun I can have with fabrics accumulated there on the shelves of my sewing room. Likely all of these day dreams will come true -- isn't that a nice thing to think about?


Helen Conway said...

I think the blog you are referring to is Vicki's

Selvage Quilter said...

Wow! I love that one-patch square quilt. Gorgeous colors. Very nice quilting too. Sounds like you have lots of great ideas for future quilts. Can't wait to see them.