Monday, May 18, 2009

Domesticity -- in a limited sense

Finding myself in a non-urban situation, I am undergoing a resurgence of the domesticity -- in the form of cooking not of dusting and cleaning, alas -- for which I was trained the first 20 years of my life and which I practiced for about the next 20. Thus, flowers on the table. I will have really regressed if it becomes candles, scented or plain.

Then I found myself reading the few cookbooks I saved and was given rhubarb and decided to make a kuchen because yeast pastries were always my favorite thing to make - and eat. One baking event, I thought, might as well be combined with another so I used up some bread crusts making a kind of main dish bread pudding with bacon, spinach and cheese. This seems to have turned out according to the recipe but did not have enough flavor to be repeatable.

So I was on a roll and volunteered to make a a strawberry pie for yesterdays' dinner after the graduation ceremonies for my grandson. Then I found blueberries were also available so I combined them. And of course it needed nice fresh whipped cream and not a tiny dollop but a goodly scoop. Doesn't look glamorous but it tasted very good.

What next? Who knows. For the present moment it's back to the sewing room. I've purchased felt for my design wall and will get it up soon as I'm considering just how to put together those batiks in the next quilt.

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Helen Conway said...

Oh Yum! Can you please post the receipe for that kuchen?