Sunday, May 17, 2009

Considering stash possibilities

Although I'm not done quilting the b/w-reverse-to-red quilt, I pulled out my batik stash and from it the most resent purchases plus some older ones because the purchase of the reds and deep blues has been calling to me. These will become a fairly quick and easy quilt for my bed because I'm currently in love with those colors. But first I've got to finish the quilting on the other. I simply can't learn the basic truth I keep writing here -- everything takes longer than you think it's going to. No, the quilting's not done "by the end of this week" as I predicted but I WILL finish it next week. And I will then use this stash fabric.

I want to add to the previous post, which I should have done without the comment from Karen who is my selvage usage inspiration, that among the projects i want to undertake is another selvage one. Karen [who wrote a book on selvage quilts] had a wonderful quilt in the Empire Guild show in March made of selvages and segments of a good solid red with real oomph which made me think that I want to do something similar. Wonderful people have sent me selvages and I have more of my own -- a sizable box full -- so that's another addition to the list. Mine may not be red. But it's not in the near future so I can ponder my stash.

In the immediate future, back to quilting the quilt -- which, by the way is my least favorite part. As I pondered some time ago, making the tops is the fun part for me so maybe I should just do that. The catch is, they are then not yet usable or giftable so they NEED to be finished. Ah, life is never perfect.

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