Monday, March 03, 2008

Strawberry Fields and the Dakota

Today was as sunny as yesterday and warmer. So I went back to get the photo I thought I had yesterday. I realized also that many people who might read this [just about everyone] does not live in NYC so I ought to have a picture of the Dakota. This is it. click to enlarge. The blur of pinkish color is not a photo problem it is a line of small trees beginning a spring blush.

The Dakota was the first big apartment building in this part of NYC way back in the late 1900s. A whole book has been written about it and it was fascinating. I can't begin to go into the whole thing. I think the author was Steven Birnbaum -- could be wrong, do a subject earch on Amazon if you're interested. It's fascinating, really.
I think there were more flowers on the mosaic today than yesterday. And yesterday I did not see the notebook with a picture [again, click to enlarge] and I know the guitar was not there yesterday. So I'm glad I went back. I think this is really amazing, don't you?

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