Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No time to quilt

Beatiful sun, blue sky, very crisp -- cold! -- air. A nice walk through Central Park. Heres's Cleopatra's Needle and a naked tree. The needle's twin is in Paris near the Seine. Both were already very ancient long before Cleo was born, they'd probably lost their brilliant sheaths of gold long before then too.

I was trotting across the park from my cardiologist's office after she had looked at my heart with every current technology including one that made me radioactive most of yesterday [stay away from babies and pregnant women, said she] So far as I could tell I did not glow in the dark last night. Get more exercise said she -- I try. I love these walks but there is only so many hours in a day. Yesterday was pretty well shot with all that imaging but the long waits between events let me nearly finish a very strange book. So strange I don't think I'll write about it = or at least not yet, maybe next week.

My frustration is that I've started the double helix quilting on my little art quilt: I think I should undo what I've done because it's not really noticable in a kind of nice, but hard to use shiny gold rayon thread. I like subtlty but this is too subtle. It's not that the quilting of the double helices, one on eiher side of the main photo, will take so much time, but WHERE am I to find tha time? I won't even list the bunch of mundane other things that are stealing my time. I can't count on good light on the bus going to the Cape this weekend - might be sunny, might not. I won't have much time when there for the wedding plus a birthday party for the bride's dad. Well, one way or another it'll get done -- maybe as early as tomorrow morning ...

Ah there's the a problem, way beyond my control: day light saving time. We "sprung ahead" Sunday, as everyone knows. That means a week or so of a jet lag type disorientated sleeping habits - experienced last night and this morning. This is a weird anomaly that our Congress imposed on us a very long time ago -- I remember being an adolescent and hearing my mother cursing FDR for that ridiculous day light saving time. Well, I'm my mother's daughter in that respect. I'd like it to be un-voted, repealled, is the word I was looking for.

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