Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Keep Tibet in Mind

What if the President of the US announced that the Congress or the Constitution should now replace Jesus in the lives of all American Christians? Youmd think it was a comedy routine, or you'd be insulted, and probably furious. Most Americans take for granted they can have their religion AND the political system they believe in. Well, the new head of what has euphemistically been called The Tibet Autonomous Region. I think he believes it.

I know people who read this blog are not much interested in politics but do one simple thing, please -- to understand what's happening in the Asia. Click on this link which is a blog written by a wonderful man from New Jersey who happens to be a Buddhist monk who works in Mongolia. He writes his blog brilliantly. He quotes part of the long NY Times article that describes the above comment. Reading the article on the subway home today gave me a real stomach ache. He gives lots of links also, exploring them is fascinating. Konchung's [his Buddhist name] is a blog I always read even when he's off on a birding adventure.
I'm moving along with this little quilt, there's a real possibility I'll have it done tomorrow; I've just finished the hand quilting of double helices on either side of the central picture. I have more quilting to do, by machine, and then the finishing touches--a decisin whether I'm going to use some buttons to echo the round picture. Definitely there will be twine around the outer edges. I'm liking the knots in it a lot. And still wondering why I felt like giving those dour old grammas such pretty colors when I have plenty of grays and browns in my stash --guess I'm grateful for the mitochondrial DNA they passed on.

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what dreams are made off said...

I do read your political writings with pleasure and glad to see people really caring about what happens in this world.My son has dear Tibetan friends in Lhasa and we haven`t heard of them since the start of the unrest.And they are young and deeply religious and aware of the plight of their people and culture.I keep them in mind and say my prayers for them.