Monday, March 31, 2008

98% Done - Sparkle Plenty Quilt

All I have left to do is hand whip down the binding on the back and add the label. That will happen this evening or soon, when WQXR plays a symphony or concerto I especially want to stop and listen to.

Yes, I'm calling it "Sparkle Plenty" because I liked the name of Dick Tracy's girlfriend though I never liked hatchet jawed Dick and didn't read the comic strip. It sparkles embarrassingly! But the fabric was interesting to work with. It is from Wal-Mart, not a wonderful quilting cotton, probably mostly polyester The hand is that of a nice silk taffada but it handles very comfortably. The pink border is a decorator fabric, a bit heavier but also easy to work with.

What got into me to make something so shiny-bright? Well, today is gray, chilly and damp and so many of the last three weeks have been like this, so call it sun hunger, reaction to gray. I need to find someone who would really like something like this as a throw for a sofa -- it sure doesn't fit in my living room. Did I use the word "madness" yesterday?

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