Thursday, March 20, 2008

Links about Tibet Unrest. New Quilt Done

No bloody pictures today but, you can be sure there's a great deal of blood still being spilled in the uprising, which is general throughout Tibet and areas of China with Tibetan populations. Here are two links so any one interested can read what news is coming out [or part of it] First a compilation of artricles from a Buddhist magazine
Tricycle which is put together by the editor and has been a good source of information. And then a day-by-day listing of events from Reuters and I sincerely hope these links work because inputting them can be confusing. But click and try. And you can Google both Tricycle and Reuters. Click the links.

So okay, this is supposed to be a blog mainly about quilting. I've finished this little art quilt and sent it off for a SAQA regional trunk show. And I immediately regretted it, feeling it's really not as good as it should be and I should start all over again, maybe use different colors. I actually did make two versions of another little quilt I had in a SAQA trunk show and still don't like either very much. I don't feel like a visual artist and feel helpless about putting my mental vision into actuality. The first picture is of the whole quilt minus a bit of it's edges. I'm about to decide I must get a different digital camera. I don't get color or defintion I want -- ever. The second is a detail which shows the "Five First Daughters" of the title. On the viewer's left in the picture is my mother with infant me in her lap. In the round picture the young woman is First Daughter #5, Leslie. The subtitle is "mitochondrial DNA" which, if I understand right, is passed from mother to daughter. So I may make another one, but in the meantime I'm sewing a traditional quilt again, partially cut out, my first made with Drunkards' path blocks. The second of two that I showed pictures of way back in the fall and said I wanted to make. I have been afraid of the cuved seaming although in dressmaking I never had much trouble setting in sleeves. But I am having some troubles with these. Well, I need a lot of little blocks and I'll get it right, it's got to be a matter of practice, practice ... The new quilt is almost entirely black and white which I've also never done. I can stick to traditional quilts and still have new challenges for many years to come.

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