Friday, March 28, 2008

Museum opening and Open Weekend

The Rubin Museum of Art, Himalayan art, is the museum I visit most in NYC partly because it's quite near where I work and because they have fascinating, always comprehensible exhibits where I don't have the sense of overload I get at other museums. I'm a member so I get invitations to openings. There was one last night with some wonderful bronzes from Nepal and a black and white photo exhibiton of Nepalis that is lovely. < I like openings as a chance to people watch; especially the women who put on their most exotic silk jackets and blouses and wonderful Himalayan jewelry. And I always wish I had done the same, but I rarely do. I wound up having a long conversation -- well, not so much conversation as listening session -- when a woman I happen to sit beside poured out a contratemps she was in in a restaurant and threw in most of the rest of of her life, and she was 74 so there was a lot of life. I like listening to people's stories.
It seems there is so little work at my place of employment that I've decided to tell myself I'm "semi-retired" and plan days accordingly and then be flexible enough to go and do some work when I'm called. So I'll divide time between writing and sewing and some piano and evenings, of course, usually reading. A small change of attitude feels good. I may finish the glittery quilt this weekend and maybe even a UFO. I had hoped to go to a big quilt show in Lancaster with my guild but the trip was cancelled for lack of interest which makes me sad. I've even played with the idea of getting on a bus and going to Lancaster; but I was mentally primed for getting on a bus here and going directly to the show, no steps in between. So I'll do my own sewing.

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