Friday, March 14, 2008

Moving Along/new little quilt

At last a couple of hours to get back to work on this little geneational art quilt, with luck I may be able to finish it by the end of Monday. I'm away for Cori's wedding this weekend -- I've mostly packed and as I work my mind goes over things I want to remember -the battery charger for my digital camera-etc. I've got mostly quilting yet to do. The top picture is a detail, the last three generations. Around the pictures I've couched with clear thread colored twine. In the next picture is the whole handful of the twine that I have been saving for some project.
I'm happy to have found a first use for this pretty twine. I was wandering alone in Ching Mai, Thailand one afternoon and went into a shop which I hoped would have some textiles. It had lots of attractive crafted items but nothing I felt calling my name. Then I noticed this twine - two foot lengths of it, hanging behind the cash register and asked if I could buy some. The proprietor was surprised, maybe shocked. It was simply what they used to tie up bundles of purchases. But like the smart merchant she was, she named a price, a small price, so I bought this twine. It will appear in future projects also I think I am going to finish this little piece with a pillowcase type backing and then will couch twine around the very outer edge. Back to work now.

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