Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I am not sorry to harp on Tibet

Yes, I did some quilting today but I'm going to write about that tomorrow. The things happening in Tibet, India, Nepal are bigger than our media are telling us. I've been reading blogs and other websites with news directly from Tibet. The uprising is not a few monks, it's ordinary men, women and children - and, yes, children are being killed too. But this can't be another Tieneneman Square with the uncounted bodies hushed - times have changed, partly thanks to the internet and thanks to China's eagerness to look like a bright shiny new dime in the world of Olympics and trade. Something very important is happening. I don't dare think Tibet will become truly autonomous but I think the situation is reaching critical mass. Please click here to send a letter to the Olympic committee asking them put pressure on China to stop the killings. There's also a petition you can sign to be taken to the Chinese leaders, the more names the better of course. It's only a couple of minutes of your time; you don't have to sit on our hands and watch history without participating. The Tibetans have lived under the iron hand of China for fifty years. They want to be free to be Tibetans, not second class citizens in their own country. PLEASE help them at least with a signature.

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