Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Blue & White Quilt

DONE! I'm done -- except for .. of course there's an "except" -- the label. I will picture this one more time with Cori & Jason in a couple of weeks when it's given to them. Then it becomes, like all such finished projects, living history.

Now I move on. I saw one quilt blogger who was brave enough to list her UFOs -- about a dozen. I'm not that brave. I'm going to try to make a small quilt for an unjuried SAQA regional trunk show. There's an idea I've had for a long time, photo transfer and... what that "and" is ... that's haunting the edge of my mind. I wrote to my dear art quilter friend,Dottie Moore who makes the most wonderful quilts, often with trees and vistas within vistas, that my admiration and amazement about true quilt artists like she is leaves me sometimes too stunned to put my ideas into form because I know that traditional quilts come most naturally to me and I do not have an innate artist inspiration. However, I am going to give the idea in my head a try and see ... It will be small and if I give up in failure, okay, it won't be because I didn't try.

One little note: this blue and white quilt is spread on my "design sofa" across the room from me and whenever I let my eyes fall on it I think what a grand thing a lot of white space is. Perhaps few people will understand, but that is also a thought I have when I look at a play script. White space usually means the dialog is the way people really talk ... very few people talk even in whole sentences, let alone paragraphs. So white space on a page means short dialog. White space in a quilt like this means the stars are able to stand out in their individuality and the eye is not distracted with lots of busyness ... although I also like busy scrap quilts. Hmm...

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