Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The law of threes?

Lots of people have heard that things come in threes, be they good or bad. I'm not sure that's true but I've noticed that political things are impinging on my attention a great deal lately, and not just because the omnipresent primaries [I think I've hung upon Hilary's telemarketing mssage three times in three days and I LIKE Hilary]. The bigger things going on: Tibet is still top of the mind and I'm alert to every piece of news, hoping the Chinese will talk to the Dalai Lama. Glad the a Polish dignitary says he won't go to the Olympic opening, and Sarkozky of France might not either -- Hurray! I hope more join them in protest.

Then as I wrote about yesterday there was the Carter documentary. Number three was today's transcription job, a documentary about Kennedy's presidency. The experience is very different sitting comfortably in a theatre or listening with full attention to every word on a documentary, trying to remember who was who in the Cabinet, etc. So the Kennedy story was very vivid today -- with the inevitable lump in the throat at the end. And how beautiful Jackie was!
Enough seriousness. I've been making little quilt things, a small wall hanging for a woman who likes Frida Kahlo with four little photo transfers -- and I mailed it off before I took a photo -- call it a senior moment! Today I'm quilting one the orphan blocks from Cori's quilt for another woman -- it will turn into a pillow cover. Nice to use up something like that and maybe there'll be a photo [if memory holds out]. The photo above is a pincushion, hand made and sent to me by a woman in France. For a reason that is probably not rational, I find it delightful -- sort of a sunflower -- plus it sits solidy and holds pins as I do hand work at my comfy chair away from my sewing table. One of life's tiny, but heart warming little things. I am finding lovely people from many places hrough the site.

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