Monday, March 30, 2009

Working on a UFO

I can't leave well enough alone. Instead of carrying on with my sorting and starting to pack up things, I thought I'd get a UFO finished. Well, I might get the top finished, it's very unlikely to be quilted. However this is it. Frankly I had no idea this was what I was going to do to those paper pieced standing-on-point squares. But I'm okay with this choice and have decided it'll be called "Christmas Cactus" since it's red and green and spiky and there are lighter bits like some of the flowers on Christmas cactus.

The main part of the top is together, although it still has the paper which needs to be torn off and then it needs to be more carefully ironed. It is lying on a sofa in the picture so the colors are picked up differently depending on the angle of the fabric to the camera. -- In the not too distant future I will have a design wall and can take photos of hanging quilts. I will also have much better light. So there should be a noticeable improvement. I sure hope so; I really think I could be a better photographer than I appear to be in many of these photos.

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