Monday, March 23, 2009

More from the quilt show

There were five or six quilts using this particular kind of circular main pattern with interesting fabric around the wheel and often interesting applique on the border. I assume all took classes from the same teacher but each was individual and all were both fun to look at and fascinating studies in color. This one is by Laurinda Liang and was named Prismatic Field. I find myself mildly drawn to possibly finding the pattern and making one of these. Something to add to the "maybe someday" list that runs through my brain every so often.

This string quilt by Karen Griska -- the quilter who wrote the book on selvage quilting -- totally inspired me the minute I saw it to want to make one. And I will, I don't know quite when but definitely will. I have a bag of scraps of which a great, great many are strings -- long strips cut of the too long edge of something. I always feel that scrap quilts are what quilts are all about, even though intellectually, I make room for many, many other kinds of quilting. Using up scraps gives me such a virtuous feeling and when it turns out eye popping and satisfying as Karen's quilt is -- well! What more could anyone want? Karen told me how she gets the kaliidoscope-ish impression, it's not difficult. I'll remember.

Oh my, oh my, I have so many want-to-dos going through my brain. I don't think I'll ever become bored. Of course there are books to read and many, many things to write and walks to take and all kinds of things to see, natural and artistic. 'tis exciting to be alive!

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