Friday, March 20, 2009

UFO Invasion

As I was starting to sort and arrange "stuff" another UFO appeared. It has paper pieced blocks that will alternate with plain ones. I found I had 50 of 64 blocks made and the fabrics all together in a zip bag. They are not very complicated so I made the needed 14 more and was light-=headedly dreaming of how quickly I could finish another UFO Ha! How easy it is to dream and forget reality.

Upon more serious thought I realized that I need 320 or so little squares to finish the quilt and much, much sewing to piece it all. This is not a weekend project! It is not complex but, like all quilt projects, it is going to take longer than my head-in-the-clouds original thoughts projected. I have much else to be busy doing but I am excited, now, about how this might turn out. So between other things I have to do, I'll put in some time on this. And put the bothersome b/w drunkard's path pieces once again on a back burner. Oh my, oh my.

Meanwhile the quickie quilt of a couple weeks ago has been sent to a new owner who sounds happy with it and that makes me happy. Also I believe and older but never used, well loved quilt has found a prospective owner, see above -- a Bethany Reynolds Stack and Whack. The method fascinates me and I've made several using her instructions. This was one of the first with a complex Hoffman fabric that was perfect for making all the one-of-a-kind blocks which are very kalidascope-ish and which I could look at for hours. I hope its potential new owner will feel th same when she gets it in a few weeks

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