Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Flower Pot Table Runner

I needed a spring-like quickie little quilt for a swap. One of the nights when I was wandering about in an insomniac haze at 3:30 A.M., I pulled out half a dozen quilt books, not so much looking for a pattern as looking for distraction. I found this flowerpot pattern and thought, A-ha! A quickie!

Anyone who reads my quilt posts knows that nothing is ever as quick as I imagine it will be. When I got to work, I immediately knew that one was not enough. It could have been a small pillow cov flowerpots would make a runner. Pulling out stash is always a pleasure. An original impulse to use yellow turned to pink when I thought of the ochre of flowerpots. Pink it is. Four took half a day -- why and how I don't know. Quilting just messes up the usual way time flows. So the four got together and I had lunch and contemplated them from across the room -- all laid out on my "design floor".[We all know I have no design wall and complain about it reflexively. They need oomph! thought I. Ah-ha, I have that piece of fabric with wonderful butterflies, they can be fused on quick and easy .. well, not quite so quick when you think of the fancy cutting involved. Then of course it had to be quilted and finished.

So time wore on and by the end of the afternoon I had a runner made. Do people actually use table runners? I don't. Ah well. It is springy -- and I wish the weather were the same. All in good time, weather does its own thing with time, doesn't it?

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Golden Years Gal said...

Nice! Are your butterflies paper piecing? I'd love to see more of your quilting.