Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Pillow Cover

AACAw/OqdCL80LN9E/s1600-h/PICT0385.JPG"> Four postcards.

Yet another pillow cover. When I need to make a small-ish quilted piece to send to someone I don't know [as in the Swap-bot swaps] I want to send something potentially usable even though in most cases I don't have many clues as to what the person's tastes are or if the colors are absolutely awful with their decor. But at least if it's useful, like a pillow cover or maybe a table runner, it could be re-gifted or re-swapped without embarrassment. Ergo: the above pillow cover which, it seems to me, is in colors that might well clash in many homes. On the other hand I happen to like the colors and the flowers from a Japanese print and the pillow cover is nicely sewn and lightly quilted, so off it went in them ail.

An alternative is to send a fabric postcard - but that is so small an item, sometimes sending two or three will be sufficient as I'm doing today. Making small projects like these is a quick shot in the arm, a mood lifter, as is making quilt-postcards. I know many people stick to projects that can be quickly done. However I like to balance the quick fix with the long term project, a very complex paper pieced wall quilt [i.e., my 1200+ piece quilt that I will be showing in the quilt show this weekend], or a bed quilt -- some quilt ideas really only work in large scale.

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