Monday, March 09, 2009

Hate it, love it, could care less?

This is a brief follow up to yesterday's post. The picture above is a longer shot of one of the Stoudt quilts I discussed. I think it looks fascinating. I admit this style of quilt which has been featured in magazines for a few years now, really appeals to me. Usually it's neatly sewn with all seams well hidden and the whole thing is quilted in whatever manner the quilter chooses.

Ms. Stoudt has chosen two methods of making this type of quilt. In the one above the squares and rectangles are all sewn on a whole cloth background. In the other shown in detail previously, the squares seem to have been made individually and sew together so that the raw seam edges become part o the front, i.e., part of the design. I find both methods interesting.

What I'm wondering is whether some people find this kind of surface really interesting and if some find it disgusting or at least very distasteful and ugly. After all the serious quilt police give a ton of rules about neatly finishing our work. Here you have to make an emancipated leap into the world of art quilting and freedom of expression. For people like me who like things reasonably neat this could be discomforting on the one hand or very freeing on the other. For example in the classical music genre atonal works set my teeth on edge and heavy metal makes me want to run for cover or to throw a huge sound-proofing tarp over the band or boombox producing it. I wonder how other people feel about this sort of quilting.


MaryContrary said...

I did something similar last fall as a present for my sister. I wanted to incorporate photos transferred to fabric into a wall hanging. It worked out pretty well. Of course, I had to add more embellishment. Gut the quilt now looks like a wall with framed pictures or, perhaps, one of those multi-picture frames. I might not like a particular quilt but I find almost any technique interesting.

MaryContrary said...

Sorry about the misspelling in the last. I meant to type 'But the quilt now looks...'

Quiltdivajulie said...

I don't think I would want this to be my only style ~ but I think it would be fun to create a small quilt with this method . . . I'm not one to be confined (too much of that during work hours).

If I did this, the colors would be less dull/drab ~ but that's me.