Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Quickie

A lap quilt. Where did that come from? Well, you know, UFOs linger and lurk and then pop out when you're looking for something else. This was just a dozen nine-patch blocks that I made one day when I was sorting my box of various size squares. They were all so bright I thought maybe they could work together although some prints were practically were in fist fights with others.

When they surfaced I realized I had a fair amount of black left over from the recently done reversible quilt and if anything could calm down this bunch of off the wall colors black was surely it. I'm not sure about the finished quilt but I have to say I enjoyed putting it together and enjoyed each nine patch on its own. The quilt really was a quicky. Putting the stripping on and making the whole top was a snap. The quilting is ultra simple and did not even need to be marked. I like working in this ad hoc manner. I like the occasional quicky. I think I went a little nuts when I gave it a yellow binding. But hey -- it's done. I'll find someone to give it to. Anybody want to offer postage for me to mail it to you?


Nellie's Needles said...

Your "quickie" quilt is joyous. It certainly will bring a bit of brightness into someone's life. Doesn't your group contribute quilts to those in need of comfort?

As for your lack of a design wall ... possibly the accordian folding cardboard cutting board would work for you. It can easily be pinned into with sturdy straight or T pins. It can be folded and stored away under a bed or in a closet. I've bought two over the years from fabric stores.

Swan said...

I find this quilt very beautiful. I love the bright colors with the black. Did someone want it for postage already? Otherwise I'd love it. I've never had a quilt.
How do I contact you to make arrangements? (Follow-up comments to this post will be sent to my email, so I'll read those).

I found you through swap-bot, by the way, because you're one of my swap partners in a swap.

Swan said...

Wow, I'm the lucky recipient of this quilt. It arrived today. It's the perfect size for me. And in reality it looks even better than on the picture. I love all the bold, mostly geometric patterns and the color combinations. Even the crazy yellow border is great. Thank you soooo much, June!!!!!!!!

June Calender said...

It always makes me happy when a quilt finds a loving home -- it's kind of like finding a home for a litter of kittens, you want to know they'll be enjoyed.