Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A couple more quilts

This stunning color study and wonderfully pieced quilt is one I failed to get the name of the maker -- I thought I wrote it down but it was someone else with a quilt I meant to photograph but didn't when the crowd got too thick. This one is an eye-popper. Certainly in this show, many, many people were really into color. The combinations were stunning and gutsy. Many times I thought: I'd never have the nerve to do that. Possibly I couldn't live with them very long either. But they were wonderful and exciting to see on display.

A much quieter one held my attention a long time. Below is A Tree's Nature by Nancy Chan. It hand appliqued and hand quilted and contemplative and serene. This is the kind of art work I would chose to live with. Maybe it's a matter of age, or stage of life or simply that my nature is more contemplative and not very jazzy.

This detail shows the stitching, especially if it is clicked and enlarged. This is a wonderful example of quilt making that I feel was underappreciated by viewers because the venue really wasn't large enough for the number of quilts. Too many were shown too close to one another. But the space was the size it was and every bit of it was used maximally. Quilts were hung sensitively so far as possible. Finally I suppose it was too much of a muchness as some British writer said in a different context.

Certainly it was exciting to listen to viewers truly gushing in excitement And it was lovely to see some quilters basking -- in fact, one could be said to have been radiating -- in satisfaction and happiness as their quilts were admired by others.

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magikquilter said...

Nancy Chan's quilt and the quilting is very exciting to me...I love the simplicity.

Very apt description of quilter's basking in quilty praise...could almost see it!