Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is this funky?

I had to make something -- and because it's me, it would be quilted == for a young woman I don't know. She had posted a profile of herself in which she used the word "funky" several times. Clearly to her, it's a positive word that she applies to herself. I pondered this for quite a while, and came to the conclusion, that I don't know what "funky" means in today's parlance.

Did I have any fabrics I'd call funky? I wasn't sure. Finally I chose a couple of the same pattern in different colorways -- actually three, the third being only a small piece -- and decided to make the background to the star a dusty pink with a tiny white pin dot -- a very conservative choice. I could have chosen something stronger, say a bile green of magnetic blue and maybe that would have been "funkier" -- but it was beyond my ability to do so. I didn't want something that threatened to bite my hand, chew it up and spit it out. I'm afraid this is as funky as this no longer young quilter can get.


Swan said...

I think the combination of pink and orange is funky :)

Joyce said...

When I'm looking for inspiration for my drawing / watercolors,(Like for our emotions swap, or profile swaps) I google > Images and put in the term, I did "funky" and the art designs looked amazingly like your quilt. Sometimes I add the word art. You could google funky quilts and probably come up with a starting point. But I think you did great.