Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blessings on Inventor of Seam Rippers

I'm always thinking of simplifying moving. I dig into a box or drawer and life gets complicated. I found a UFO a couple of days ago that I realized I could finish quickly [ha! hope springs eternal]. It needed only a few paper pieced bits and then some plain squares and strips. How long could that take? Well ... I decided on a fabric for the squares and strips and cut it up. The next day I began sewing. Disaster! When I lay several pieced bits together I realized that fabric was very, very wrong. Out with the seam ripper. A long irritating hour or more undoing what I did, casting about in my mind for how to right the situation. What fabric to use? Not one, now but two, changing the concept drastically from the original plan.

The next day I cut new squares and strips -- using two colors, reds and dark blues. That looked better. Today I began sewing things together again. Much, much better than before although this is not going to be a quilt of distinction. It will be in the "all right" category and usable. Of course, the sewing is taking longer than imagined -- it always does, doesn't it. AND I'm left with the other fabric all cut in squares and strips so that eventually -- well down the road, it will become yet another quilt and in the mean time it is a new UFO, wouldn't you knnow?

There's some law, isn't there, about such things? For instance I took a bag of stuff to thrift shop today, some jackets and some books -- I'm truly trying to decimate the books on my shelves. BUT today's special at the thrift shop was all hardbacks for $1 -- well, I got away with only ONE book ... largely because a lot of people were clustered around the book shelves and I took that as a sign that I must not shove closer to look at every single title as is my habit. And so it goes.

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