Sunday, March 22, 2009

Emprie Guild show, Urban Inspirations 2009

For the next three posts I will show pictures from Urban Inspirations 2009, the quilt show of the Empire Quilters' Guild. I thought I had made a note of who made this brilliant red quilt but I find I did not. I'm sorry not to give people credit where due. I loved the energy and sheer exuberance of this quilt. I found it very exciting. In fact the show was exciting -- so much color used so fearlessly in quilt after quilt -- and interspersed with quilts in quiet or toned down colors to give balance. The show was truly a visual treat and inspiration.

I'm sorry I decapitated these wonderful ladies but I was so drawn to their sneakers and the soccer ball, as well as the traditional African dresses. This quilt is called "Bling it On" by Pauline Meyers. I loved it!

And this quilt by Mary Butler had a quiet feeling and was unlike any other design in the show [several reflected classes taught by a particularly inspiring teacher -- though each was different the basic design was the same -- a great design but its repetition was distressing. Mary calls this "Notes Ascending". Something about it was very refreshing.

Over 200 quilts were shown, hung as intelligently a space permitted but the space simply wasn't large enough, too many were crowded together, especially the small and middle sized quilts. Some of them would have been stunning seen alone but crowded with another couple their punch was lost. Mine was one that suffered from that problem -- which was unavoidable given the space available.

I'm told a great web site will be put up, in due time, of all the quilts so that each will be presented in it's full glory -- but such a project takes time. I'll be happy when it happens but, as I told the web masters [husband and wife] I wish there could be a book as there was after the last show. I realize a book is a terribly expensive undertaking. But it is books I relate to and I still have the book from the previous show on my coffee table where I browse through it rather often.

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