Saturday, April 26, 2008

Scraps - scrappy quilts

A very satisfing afternoon is to listen to a broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera and play with my bag of fabric scrapes. To me "quilt" and "scraps" are almost synonymous even though I know better ay are leftovers from other projects. My fabrics are new but "scrappy quilts" are my favorite. Lots of patterns, lots of colors all sewn together into some pattern, all working together. Both will take quite some time, one will be just 2 inch squares hand sewn while traveling, a take-along project, mindless but remembering the old adage, "idle hands do the devil's work". Not me! No idle hands if I can help it. Someone sent me her UFO, rows of 2" squares. I'll make more rows untl if have enough for a square. I won't be be "special" or very creative. but it will be "quilty" in an old fashioned sense.

Often, very often, I've made scrap quilts and likened them to the variety of people in the world. I am not alone among people who love living in New York who enjoy the variety of our people. To return to the city after a week in the Midwest among people who all "look like me" and to get on a subway or a city bus and look around and see that almost no one "looks like me" is a great joy, to see the variety of people, age, race, social class. The variety and that it's all there in harmony is wonderful whether bits of cotton print or crowds at Times Square.

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Helen Conway said...

Hear hear for people diversity. I want to bang my head against a wall when people here say something like, "Why can't those Asian people dress like us?" Leaving aside the racism implicit in such comments why on earth would we want them to?- I love to see the different dress and styles around me. And of course different foods...