Monday, April 14, 2008

Ah spring!

Yes, I promised a picture of the finished jewel colored quilt and the additionas and, yes, I have those photos but that will wait until tomorrow since Blogger did not want to accept photos yesterday. Yesterday was a Sunday when it would have been almost a sin not to go out and enjoy the abundande of flowers that have burst forth. It was so beautiful I took a lot o pictures. Yes, I know everyone in the northern hemisphere is enjoying spring and I'm not the only person looking at two-tone daffodils and thinking I'm looking at some kind of miracle. There are areas of massed daffodils and massed tulips under trees throughout the park. It's breathing takingly beautiful.

Then there are the flowering trees, some are magnolias, I'm not sure what the others are, I just call them delights. For about three weeks it will be glorious to walk through the park, and also through the city for the sidewalks ar bordered in many places with flowering trees. When you're old enough to know that there will not be 50 more springs during which to enjoy this wonder, you try to take time to look and enjoy
The garden that is the center of Broadway -- from the sixties on up -- is planted with flowering trees an beds of flowers. Just walking along the street is a treat, even when there's a surprisingly chilly breeze as there was today.

It's poetry month still and I don't have a spring poem to quote today but they're all true.

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