Saturday, April 05, 2008

One more done - no end in Tibet

This was my first spur of the moment quilt - well not first ever, first this year. There was danger of it languishing into UFO-dom, but instead I finishded it last evening. You can't see but it has a peachy colored backing with little white polka dots. This turns to the front for a finishing border about 2" wide. At first I didn't like this quilt very much but as I finished it I liked it quite a bit. Then I lay it on the sofa for contemplation and realized I've used the same colors as on the "Sparkle Plenty" quilt {you can scroll down a little bit and see for yourself} here with emphasis on blue, there on pink but very similar. The backing is such a lovely cotton, it feels positively silky. Very happy about the quilt now.

The bad news from Tibet/China dosn't stop. More killings, many, many more arrests. The heavy handed, idiotic campaign to have monks write and speak defamatorily about the Dalai Lama is so exceedingly stupid! it pushes both monks and regular people right over the edge. This cartoon is from the Arizona Republic by Steve Benson.
And for those who aren't really following the news - the Moslems who are a majority in far also being brutally repressed. They don't want the Olympic torch passing through their cities. But you know it WILL.

Consider the extreme stupidiy of this: one man who has always spoken for nonviolence has become the most feared demon by the heads of the biggest country on earth. He is so demonized the simple people may be jailed for simply possessing his photograh. Think about that! Are the Chinese leaders crazy or what?

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