Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Critical Mass, Amassing?

In unsettled times there are always people who get beat up, jailed and too many are murdered but there are wonderful -- even amazing -- stories too. The wonderful American Buddhist monk who is working, and blogging from, Mongolia, Konchong is worth reading as he, with input from the Brazilian journalist/photographer, Heraldlo, tells a purely Tibetan story.
I am highly skeptical about reincarnation but it seems to me that it "works" in the Tibetan Buddhist sense although the skeptic in me says it could be that once a child has been "recognized" he, once in a while she, is on a road that leads to extraordinary education and accomplishment. This young tulku leaves me agape.

So much is happening with the torch, surely the critical mass of world opinion must reach even the deafest ears of the Chinese honchos who are, we all believe, very concerned about how the world reacts to the Olympics. I hope we are watching history in the making.

In the making here at my sewing machine is a small quilt that is pleasing me, color-wise especially. It's all jewel colors -- deeper than my Sparkle Plenty" quilt and more satisfying to me. But it needs a bit of a kick. I have an idea ... pictures tomorrow.

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